Pre-Production – Organising shoots
We can help find locations, write the script, contact interviewees to talk them through the filming process and create schedules.
We don’t want video to add to your workload so we’ll take care of organising it all for you for no extra cost!

Pre-Production – Scriptwriting
To save you time, send us as much information as you can and we’ll put an initial script together for your (saving you a couple of days work putting it together) which you can then edit to perfect.

Production – Filming
We film in High Definition (HD) on all of our shoots.
There will be a 2 person crew on the day of filming (camera operator and sound recordist).
The sound recordist will act as interviewer on the day if you require interviews or testimonials from clients / visitors. The crew bring full lighting too to have professional lighting in interviews.

Production – Professional Female Voice-over
If you require a voiceover, we can write the script for a voiceover to act as commentary throughout the film (sending you the script for amendments and sign off before recording) and then we record it.

Post production – Editing
Our in house editors take care of full editing for you – Visuals and sound.
Once we have edited a full draft, we send you the film to look over, then we offer 1 free re-edit for one list of changes you require to get the film just as you want it.

Post production – Music
The film will include music to help the film flow.
There will be no copyright issues as the music is licensed to ourselves which mean our clients are too.

Post production – Formats
We will provide a web version, a version for presentations / events and a dvd version (we can copy around 10 non branded dvds for no extra cost).

Aerial Footage – 😀

Please get in touch with your enquiry about aerial footage.